land of freedom

January, 22nd 2008. End of chapter. Last day of North America after three years for now. Resuming the past three years in one sentence:


New country, language, america, culture, lifestyle, food, friends, relationship, degree, skills, understanding of life.


North America, divided by 3 countries, even though sometimes refusing one of them, due to its development character. A country that commands, a country that follow the commands, and a country that appears to be neutral to this hierarchy, yet recognizing its place in the world and society. A continent where things can be divided between east and west, and of course, the most of the times unattractive “between”. 


America, land of opportunities, desires and dreams. Most of the time dreamed by foreign eyes. A land of diversity, land of hate and love, a land where poor people watch their favorite shows in their flat screen TV, “super-sizing” themselves with fat, yet food. A place where misery is associated with mental Illness, and most of homeless people have no need to kill to survive. A place where I wish more people would leave their own bubble, at least once in their lives…


Southern North America, land of wishes, natural beauty, preserved culture. A place where people are raised dreaming, most of the times about america. Drawing maps, planning and executing, most of the times, failing when trying to cross what can be called the “new Berlin wall”. For those who cross it: a new life, full of challenges. Invisible, undesirable, yet essential people.


Northern North America, land of tolerance, natural beauty, and cold weather. A place that reminds me of home. A better developed version of home. Warmth and kindness, yet sometimes with a bit of cold and dryness, maybe for the fact of still being part of… America. 


North America, Central America, South America. All the differences found in the similarity of a word. Different wars, different classes, different war of classes. 


Afterwards… Proud for being… American.