trough faggot party

April 6, 2008

 Mylo – In my arms 

After being invited by a local friend to go to an underground party in downtown Melbourne, on a saturday night I realized that could be one of ‘those nights’, which we would be talking about for ages. As we get close to the venue, in an area where sex is the main business, and alcohol, the currency; the high level of testosterone fills the air, resulting in fights, blood, and confusion. After turning into a dark alley, we see the usual little door and a bouncer. As we queue to get in, we inhale the strippers‘ cigarette smoke sitting next to us. They all wear the same baby blue robe, heavy make-up and red lipstick, while waiting for their next performance upstairs. As we walk in, and realizing the venue is the basement of a strip club, the idea of ‘underground’ grows step after step.

The place has very low ceilings, dark lighting and a very trashy decor. Plastic rubbish bags and surgical gloves filled with air are hanging all over the place. The dance floor has two stripper poles, surrounded by stacks of cardboard paper cones(?) It’s 11:30pm, the warm-up soundscape echoes its anger against the walls. The speakers play hard, dark, grindcore. A few out of ordinary looking characters create a contrastive environment. By that point I was sure that was going to be a good night. 

The party was called Trough Faggot Party, and happened once a month for the past two years. Last night’s was its 21st and final edition, taking place at Geddes Lane, in Melbourne. The decks were controlled by Adam Askew, Bryan Freeze and Rowhie Hypnotic, which played anything and everything from electro to the dark beats, always throwing in some old school funk and disco in betwixt. The crowd was a mix of scenesters, hipsters, clubbers, indie-rockers, and overall party-goers. In a place where gays and lesbians, bissexuals, straights, transgenders, and imprecise, an alternative atmosphere was created, yet without the pressure constantly found in many subcultures. With a boiling dance-floor, the party went on through the night, and thanks to the very flirting, smiling and electrifying crowd, there was sweat on the walls

The highlight of the night goes to the pole performances. That brought me some vivid memories from a few parties in Las Vegas, NYC, California and Sao Paulo. It was an amazing experience and discovery; though, at the same time, a sad good bye. But that doesn’t end here! The promoters promise a new club night emerging from the underground again very soon. I’ll keep you guys posted! 

(The images used in this post belong to the “Trough Faggot Party” Website)