dance, monkeys, dance.

June 14, 2008

Written and Produced by Ernest Cline

When I lived in San Diego, I used to go to a monthly underground audiovisual exhibition called The Visual Underground“, and amongst dozens of incredible videos I’ve seen throughout the years, this one has been on top of my list since then. Despite its low resolution images, and its straightforward presentation style, this is in my opinion, one of the most brilliant realistic poems someone has written about the human being. I have been looking for this video online for a while and have finally found it, furthermore, I found the person responsible for this literary masterpiece. 

Ernest Cline grew up in rural Ohio, being strongly influenced by the 80s. With a childhood filled with comic books, arcade games, sci-fi movies, and the first personal computers available, Cline made his way out of that small town with his words as weapons, in order to survive in this world. In the early nineties, he co-produced and directed a stage performance of Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail, presented at the Gen Con, for two consecutive years. Around the same time, his passion for avant garde low-budget short film production brought his work to the television, with such films as Rattletrap Gaslaktica played on Columbus public access TV. These days Cline lives in Austin, Texas’ cultural capital. His aspiring talent and hard-working personality have lead him to Hollywood, writing a movie about Star War’s fans, called ‘Fanboys’, to be released in the fall of 2009. 


funny as!

June 10, 2008

As part of my daily routine down under, I’ve been trying all the local productions recommended by friends and people I meet along the way, whether is theatre, music, tv or cinema. After being amazed with old Australian movies such as “Muriel’s Wedding” and “The Adventures of Priscilla – Queen of the Desert”, discovering such contemporary movies as “Two Hands” (starring Heath Ledger), “Sommersault”, and the horrifying true-story based “Wolf Creek”; this time the show which has kept me awake laughing out loud, comes from the little screen. That’s right! Despite my dislike for television, this ABC series has filled my life with joy and new quotations. I find myself constantly laughing on the streets or at work as I remember some of the lines.

I’m talking about the Australian television mockumentary series ‘Summer Heights High’, written by and starring Chris Lilley. The series is about an Australian Public High School, focusing on three main characters, all played by Lilley. The series brings up typical daily situations from the Australian society, which can easily be recognized in other societies around the globe. Chris Lilley, who was born in Sydney and lives in Melbourne, demonstrates his brilliant acting and creative skills by delivering a dark yet hysterical humour. The three protagonists are a spoiled private school exchange student, Ja’mie King; the offensive Tongan break-dancer student Jonah Takalua; as well as the flamboyant, eccentric, frustrated actor, teacher and ‘Director of Performing Arts”, Mr. G.

The show, which brings a high dose of awkward humour, can be for Australia, what ‘Little Britain’ is for the UK, or even what the American version of ‘The Office’ is for the United States. Due to its controversial themes, in addition to constant absolutely wrong statements, the series has divergent opinions amongst its audience. Nevertheless, regardless if you like it or not, Chris Lilley’s talent is something on which we can’t disagree. This outstanding production can be found on DVD somewhere near you, and as I refuse to leave Australia without my own copy in my suitcase, I’ll have one to proudly let you borrow!


we loved sounds

June 9, 2008

It was a wet winter day by the water, as thousands filled shed 4 at the Docklands, in Melboourne.  Following the theory that any good party is hard to find, people slowly found their way there by chasing the heavy bass vibrations, being felt from far away. The shed was isolated enough in order to not effect the neighbourhood. However, It was close enough to the city which framed the landscape with the urban skyline. 

Gaiser [M_nus the experience] 

The festival had three stages, divided according to the musical genre and performance style. The main stage “we love live” held all the bands, the middle one called “hardware” was the place for most of the live acts, and the last one “one love”, had mostly dj sets. The space’s layout was interesting, nonetheless its acoustics were not appropriate to hold three dancefloors. The middle one, which had most of the minimalist performances, was overpowered by the the heavy beats reverberating from the stages on either side. Therefore, effecting artists’ performances such as Ellen Alien, Modeselektor, Marc Houle, and Gaiser.

Derrick Carter 

Despite the acoustic problem, several artists who played at the peripheral stages incredibly engaged the selective crowd with the quality of their sets. In my opinion, some of the highlights were Chicago’s house music godfather’s Derrick Carter; M_nus the Experience’s Gaiser with his minimalist live act; Deep Dish’s Dubfire surprisingly going deep into the underground, and Cassius grown-up french-disco set. 

Dubfire [Deep Dish]

Amongst the bands, The Whip, The Bravery, and Chk Chk Chk were the ones who attracted the biggest crowds, nevertheless in my humble opinion, the festival’s sound system or the space’s acoustics weren’t good enough to hold those performances. A reflection of that could be seen at the Brazilian indie-funk playback based, Bonde do Rolê. Four microphones weren’t enough even for a portuguese speaker to understand what they were saying, therefore you can imagine most of the Australian’s expressions watching their show. Anyhow, regardless of technical issues, language and cultural barriers, the four piece band got most of the crowd going during their 45 minute presentation. 

Bonde do Rolê

After listening to great quality music from several countries around the world, the one who blew my mind was, once again, from France. The country who gave us Daft Punk and Justice, brought us the experienced Ed Banger’s Mr Oizo. His disturbed yet accurate performance kept everyone off the floor with their hands in the air. Mr Oizo walked onto the stage with a stack of case-less CDs (like those you will find at a reckless junkie’s house), his headphones around the neck, and a cigarette in his mouth. As he sets up his decks, the crowd goes crazy, resulting in one of the best dj-public interactions I’ve seen before. Looking at him, all I could see was a mad musical scientist, experimenting his notes and combinations on the responsive crowd. He was an evil puppeteer controlling his freak show, which was so amazing that he nearly had to be dragged out of the stage; in order to give place to the next performer. With no more english words to describe, all I can say is Merci beaucoup, Monsieur!

Mr Oizo [Ed Banger] 

we love sounds

June 5, 2008

Miami Horror – Fa fa fa

Melbourne, the city of festivals, is hosting another party to make cities like Ibiza, Barcelona, or Berlin feel jealous about it. Due to the consistency of events in the underground music scene, Melbourne is often seen as one of the best party spots in the world. No matter what tribe or scene you belong to, you’ll find the right festival, tailor-made especially for you. 

During this long-weekend, we’ll be celebrating the Queen’s Birthday with some of the most fresh electro, techno, house, and a lot of dirty funk. In the line-up, names like !!! (Chk Chk Chk), The Bravery, Cassius, Dubfire (Deep Dish), Bonde fo Rolê, Mr Oizo (Ed Banger), Ellen Allien (B-Pitch Control), M_Nus Experience, and Modeselektor, amongst many other will make you shake it like you mean it.

With its performers coming from several countries around the world, in addition to national talents, the event which will take place in one of the sheds of the docklands, promises an unforgettable experience for those with sassy feet and/or refined ears. ‘We love sounds‘ took place in Perth last weekend, and moves on this Saturday to Brisbane and Melbourne simultaneously; travelling to Sydney on Sunday, and Adelaide on Monday. This world-class event proves, one more time, that despite geographic barriers, Australia keeps tuned to global trends, offering its residents the latest edgy performers from the four corners of the globe.

What: We love sounds
When: Saturday, 7 June 08 – 12 Midday – 10 PM
Where: Shed 4 at Victoria Harbour, Docklands (Melbourne)
More info: