smoke-free dallas

December 10, 2008

no smoking

Today was a special day for Dallas and its inhabitants. The petition expanding the smoking ban to bars and pool halls was passed by  The Dallas City Council, which voted 10-5 in favor of the ban. The ban includes a minimum smoking distance of 15 feet away from most businesses. The only establishments exempt from the ban are tobacco and cigar shops which receive at least 15% of their profits from the sale of these products. Unfortunately, the ban won’t take effect until April 10th. Nevertheless, this is the first step for Dallas to become a more progressive city, and I am looking forward to enjoy a couple months of smoke-free venues before I leave. As I said on my previous post: “Dallas, I hope”; now even more.


One Response to “smoke-free dallas”

  1. gooddeedaday said

    Yay, Tony!! You’re blogging again!! Congrats on the no-smoking rule for Dallas, progress, for sure. And thanks for the whale clip, I’ll have to check out that series. We were out on the water with humpback wales in Madagascar last Sept. and they are truly magnificent creatures. Have a wonderful Christmas and trip to Brazil! — Deb

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