headshotThis world captured by the eyes, fingers, lips, nose, ears, and soul of Tony Sebastian. Emotions, sensations,  in-absolute truths, encounters, “misencounters”, adventures, misadventures, connections, disconnections, short stories, others not so short, thoughts, tears, laughs, and more… transmitted into words, photographs, illustrations, collages, videos, or any other way of venting my daily crisis of living.

Tony Sebastian, born in southern Brazil, is a native portuguese speaker, with english as his second language. With a degree in Industrial Design, and a diploma in Interactive Media, Tony is still navigating his course through life. Tony is a dreamer, believer, warrior, and owner of an insatiable need for discovery. Tony is an eternal learner. At the moment he is doing free-lance in graphic design, studying academic british english, while falling in love with Melbourne everyday at sunrise. In his free time Tony travels, writes, draws, photographs, lives, and loves like there was no tomorrow.



5 Responses to “about”

  1. Hey Tony, what’s up. I’m glad you’re doing well and happy on the other side of the world. It’s far from what we have here in San Diego huh. Looks like you found your place for the time being. I’m still here trying to make things happen. It’s slow, but progressing. I’ve been so busy, anyway I proud of you for having the initiative to try something totally different. I only hope to do the same asap. Take care my friend.

    the best,

  2. bytonysebastian said

    Hello my dear friend! It’s so great to hear from you! I get your updates about your club nights in San Diego and TJ once in a while. It seems that you guys are moving the scene up there. I’m happy for you. San Diego is definitely a slower city but there lots of potential. Keep up with the good work and don’t ever stop believing. I’ll be back there for a week during summertime, I’m looking forward to seeing you and spending some time with our amazing group of friends!



  3. Lavinia (Lalabird) said

    Hi my lovely,

    I love your new projects and feel quite touched after reading your last post. I would love to catch up and get to know the ‘new Tony’. I have some great news to share with you too so let’s arrange one of our virtual meetings 😉

    Lots of love


    • bytonysebastian said

      It’s so good seeing you here my dear. How is the great Great Britain treating you these days?

      Any plans to head down south? I’m going there next week.

      Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to spread the word! We’ll catch up online sometime.


  4. Junior said

    Ju, parabéns pelo trabalho.
    Fico feliz de saber que esta se realizando tanto pessoal quanto profissionalmente.

    Continue com seu belo trabalho pelo mundo a fora e que seu sucesso ai fora só venha a crescer.

    Abraços meu e da família Stein.

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