we loved sounds

June 9, 2008

It was a wet winter day by the water, as thousands filled shed 4 at the Docklands, in Melboourne.  Following the theory that any good party is hard to find, people slowly found their way there by chasing the heavy bass vibrations, being felt from far away. The shed was isolated enough in order to not effect the neighbourhood. However, It was close enough to the city which framed the landscape with the urban skyline. 

Gaiser [M_nus the experience] 

The festival had three stages, divided according to the musical genre and performance style. The main stage “we love live” held all the bands, the middle one called “hardware” was the place for most of the live acts, and the last one “one love”, had mostly dj sets. The space’s layout was interesting, nonetheless its acoustics were not appropriate to hold three dancefloors. The middle one, which had most of the minimalist performances, was overpowered by the the heavy beats reverberating from the stages on either side. Therefore, effecting artists’ performances such as Ellen Alien, Modeselektor, Marc Houle, and Gaiser.

Derrick Carter 

Despite the acoustic problem, several artists who played at the peripheral stages incredibly engaged the selective crowd with the quality of their sets. In my opinion, some of the highlights were Chicago’s house music godfather’s Derrick Carter; M_nus the Experience’s Gaiser with his minimalist live act; Deep Dish’s Dubfire surprisingly going deep into the underground, and Cassius grown-up french-disco set. 

Dubfire [Deep Dish]

Amongst the bands, The Whip, The Bravery, and Chk Chk Chk were the ones who attracted the biggest crowds, nevertheless in my humble opinion, the festival’s sound system or the space’s acoustics weren’t good enough to hold those performances. A reflection of that could be seen at the Brazilian indie-funk playback based, Bonde do Rolê. Four microphones weren’t enough even for a portuguese speaker to understand what they were saying, therefore you can imagine most of the Australian’s expressions watching their show. Anyhow, regardless of technical issues, language and cultural barriers, the four piece band got most of the crowd going during their 45 minute presentation. 

Bonde do Rolê

After listening to great quality music from several countries around the world, the one who blew my mind was, once again, from France. The country who gave us Daft Punk and Justice, brought us the experienced Ed Banger’s Mr Oizo. His disturbed yet accurate performance kept everyone off the floor with their hands in the air. Mr Oizo walked onto the stage with a stack of case-less CDs (like those you will find at a reckless junkie’s house), his headphones around the neck, and a cigarette in his mouth. As he sets up his decks, the crowd goes crazy, resulting in one of the best dj-public interactions I’ve seen before. Looking at him, all I could see was a mad musical scientist, experimenting his notes and combinations on the responsive crowd. He was an evil puppeteer controlling his freak show, which was so amazing that he nearly had to be dragged out of the stage; in order to give place to the next performer. With no more english words to describe, all I can say is Merci beaucoup, Monsieur!

Mr Oizo [Ed Banger] 


we love sounds

June 5, 2008

Miami Horror – Fa fa fa

Melbourne, the city of festivals, is hosting another party to make cities like Ibiza, Barcelona, or Berlin feel jealous about it. Due to the consistency of events in the underground music scene, Melbourne is often seen as one of the best party spots in the world. No matter what tribe or scene you belong to, you’ll find the right festival, tailor-made especially for you. 

During this long-weekend, we’ll be celebrating the Queen’s Birthday with some of the most fresh electro, techno, house, and a lot of dirty funk. In the line-up, names like !!! (Chk Chk Chk), The Bravery, Cassius, Dubfire (Deep Dish), Bonde fo Rolê, Mr Oizo (Ed Banger), Ellen Allien (B-Pitch Control), M_Nus Experience, and Modeselektor, amongst many other will make you shake it like you mean it.

With its performers coming from several countries around the world, in addition to national talents, the event which will take place in one of the sheds of the docklands, promises an unforgettable experience for those with sassy feet and/or refined ears. ‘We love sounds‘ took place in Perth last weekend, and moves on this Saturday to Brisbane and Melbourne simultaneously; travelling to Sydney on Sunday, and Adelaide on Monday. This world-class event proves, one more time, that despite geographic barriers, Australia keeps tuned to global trends, offering its residents the latest edgy performers from the four corners of the globe.

What: We love sounds
When: Saturday, 7 June 08 – 12 Midday – 10 PM
Where: Shed 4 at Victoria Harbour, Docklands (Melbourne)
More info: www.welovesounds.com.au


May 29, 2008

The rise of disorder and hostility, resulted from alcohol-related violence in downtown Melbourne justifies the new regulations to be imposed by the Victorian Premier John Brumby. The 2am curfew will begin in June, prohibiting pubs, bars and nightclubs to admit people after that time. That won’t affect people already in venues nor changing their operation hours, however the new law intends to avoid groups of drunken people on the streets.

The law to be implemented doesn’t appear to be as severe as the ones found in most of the United States of America. Nevertheless, that can be the first step to ruin the notorious club scene in Melbourne. Not only will people have to change their routine and the way they party, but also clubs will have to make changes to ensure they meet the new requirements. Freedom is one of the most important factors of the club scene, and freedom of expression, as well as the right to come and go whenever and wherever are part of the human rights. Melbourne has always been known for its 24-hour character, therefore many of its tourist appeals rely on this feature. In addition to that, transports as well as local business connected to the nightlife will be affected. 

In opposition to the law’s implement, Toorak resident Andrew Ranger is organising 2am lockout protests. The MelbourneLockedOut protest will be held at the Treasure Gardens on Friday, May 30, at 5pm. According to organisers, this will be a peaceful, alcohol and drug-free event, where ignorance won”t be tolerated. So if you believe in the melburnian club scene, put a white t-shirt on, and join the crowd this Friday. More information can be found at the MelbourneLockedOut website.

sex is in the air

May 28, 2008

Air – Sexy Boy

After a long wait, Sex and the City: The Movie, is being released. The feature film which is an adaptation of the HBO comedy series, is causing a buzz in the four corners of the world. The TV series has brought to our lives a new and sincere approach to sexuality, love, friendship, and reality which cannot only be applied to New York City, but to any other big city in the world. Its characters have inspired millions amongst different generations across the world, therefore often groups of friends easily identify themselves with their favourite character while they sip cosmopolitans at lounges and restaurants around town. I believe Sex and the City was the first TV show which dealt with the daily crisis of living in such a genuine and concrete way; furthermore it was the first show to break stereotypical rules imposed by the human being and our societies. It brought up taboos while bringing down layers and facades existent in our individual’s character. Therefore, it showed us new possibilities based on a controversial yet straight forward new-yorker life-style. 

The movie’s world premiere was held at Leicester Square, in London, on May 12th, 2008, being released in the UK on May 28th. Tomorrow is the big day in the United States and Canada, however we need to wait until the 5th of June to watch it on the big screen down under. In the meantime, while people anxiously wait for the day, cinemas are working hard to ensure its Australian debut follows the movie’s classiness and sophistication. The movie’s advertisements can be seen all over town, at the same time local businesses, such as clubs and bars, take advantage of all the excitement to improve their sales by organizing thematic parties based on the film. As the movie receives mixed reviews, I have once again chosen to disregard them. Moreover, it would be a plus if the movie brought something new into my life, nevertheless if this is just another follow-up two hour episode, I’ll be more than satisfied. I can’t even remember the last time I watched a Sex and the City episode which I hadn’t seen before.

watch the official trailer here:

Celulas – Less is more 

It was by accident that we found this cozy little breakfast place in our neighbourhood. Every time we walked by we would say “that place looks cute, we should go there sometime”, so we finally went. The place is one of those family-owned establishments, where you are received with a sincere smile and your food is cooked with love, and by love I mean real love. Fandango has become house of our weekly saturday morning ritual. It is that type of event which you spend all week waiting for; when you wake up that morning you can’t stay in bed any longer, because you know what’s waiting for you down the street, even though it’s saturday. 

The place has two tables on the sidewalk, only a few tables inside and a couple more in the backyard. To get to the backyard you walk through the kitchen, where the staff greets you as if it were your own kitchen, and you were just going to have your morning coffee outside. In a friendly and inevitable way, you are invited to see how your food is being cooked, at the same time witnessing the cleanliness as the place is always spotless. The crowd is predominantly local, regular neighbours and friends who go in for a inevitable ‘good time’, and the music played is always something alternative yet ambient pleasing your ears since you walk in.

On the menu, amongst several traditional breakfast savory dishes, is the mouthwatering ‘french toast’. The artisan bread is covered with maple syrup, accompanied with big chunks of maple butter. It’s layered with oven-baked apples, mixed with back bacon. Nevertheless, if you are a vegetarian they will substitute it for fresh strawberries and bananas. To finalize the stunning appearance, icing-sugar is sprinkled all over it. Although the dish seems slightly bigger than It should be, as you start eating you wish it would never end. It just melts in your mouth, and the best part is as you think all the fruits are all gone, you’ll find extra layers hidden between the bread. It’s doubtless the best french toast I’ve ever had, therefore this might have been my favourite breakfast experience so far. 

However, the consequences of trying it can have a negative side. After you try the best of something it’s hard not to become critical about it. Consequently, I have ruined two breakfasts at other places by ordering their french toast. Fandango is a delightful experience, and definitely one of the reasons I’ll come back to Melbourne whenever I can throughout my life.

Fandango. 97 Errol St. North Melbourne, VIC 3051. 
Tue – Sat | 7:30am – 3:00pm
+61 3 9329 0693 

 Midnight Juggernauts – Road to Recovery

Sunshine, californian blue sky. It’s just another beautiful day in southern california. I’m sitting on a train leaving San Diego on my way to Los Angeles. On my left side, the blue pacific ocean which I’m so familiar with; to the right, a city that for many years I called home; behind me, a past filled with memories, experiences, relationships, lessons. Looking at the surfers riding the waves as californian pelicans fly by, my brain instantaneously starts playing the movie of my life. I see scenes of love and hate, hope and self-destruction; I see motion, I feel emotional. Nostalgia fills my eyes with proud tears as it puts a clever smile on my lips. I easily identify the light path which I took, leaving the darkness behind. 

For a while I had forgotten how It feels to be with an old friend, to be loved by an old friend. I had forgotten the feeling of returning to a place where you feel like home. Warmth, receptivity, tenderness, devotion are only words compared to what I’m feeling. Things don’t seem to have changed much since I left, however I see all my friends making progress in their lives. Despite the fact I have been exposed to a whole new world and have been living a completely new lifestyle, I had the feeling that I fitted straight in. It felt like I had been away for a weekend or so, which only proves me that San Diego will always be a city with its arms wide open waiting for me. 

My californian chapter has probably been the most important of my life so far. A period marked by self-discovery, life learning experience, affection, and overall my road to recovery. In California, I found love for the first time. I loved like there was no tomorrow. I also loved drugs, alcohol and rock’n’roll like there was no tomorrow. It was a fun long party that appeared to be endless, nonetheless It ended at the age of 23. Furthermore, I have always believed that the after-party is much more fun than the party itself! It’s been a year since I decided to stay away from any sort of mind altering substances, over and above that It’s also been a year since my life has started making sense. Today I look back and smile for having gone through what I have. I smile for having loved and being loved, therefore I smile for having survived and learned my lessons

At this point of my life I am complete. I’ve found what I was looking for, I’ve found who I was looking for, thus I’ve found myself. Nowadays when I close my eyes, I clearly see the edge of my body, I see my role in this world, I have control of my actions, and consequently most of the reactions. And at last, but not least, once again I love and I feel loved. Although this time in a clear and true way like I have never felt before.

trough faggot party

April 6, 2008

 Mylo – In my arms 

After being invited by a local friend to go to an underground party in downtown Melbourne, on a saturday night I realized that could be one of ‘those nights’, which we would be talking about for ages. As we get close to the venue, in an area where sex is the main business, and alcohol, the currency; the high level of testosterone fills the air, resulting in fights, blood, and confusion. After turning into a dark alley, we see the usual little door and a bouncer. As we queue to get in, we inhale the strippers‘ cigarette smoke sitting next to us. They all wear the same baby blue robe, heavy make-up and red lipstick, while waiting for their next performance upstairs. As we walk in, and realizing the venue is the basement of a strip club, the idea of ‘underground’ grows step after step.

The place has very low ceilings, dark lighting and a very trashy decor. Plastic rubbish bags and surgical gloves filled with air are hanging all over the place. The dance floor has two stripper poles, surrounded by stacks of cardboard paper cones(?) It’s 11:30pm, the warm-up soundscape echoes its anger against the walls. The speakers play hard, dark, grindcore. A few out of ordinary looking characters create a contrastive environment. By that point I was sure that was going to be a good night. 

The party was called Trough Faggot Party, and happened once a month for the past two years. Last night’s was its 21st and final edition, taking place at Geddes Lane, in Melbourne. The decks were controlled by Adam Askew, Bryan Freeze and Rowhie Hypnotic, which played anything and everything from electro to the dark beats, always throwing in some old school funk and disco in betwixt. The crowd was a mix of scenesters, hipsters, clubbers, indie-rockers, and overall party-goers. In a place where gays and lesbians, bissexuals, straights, transgenders, and imprecise, an alternative atmosphere was created, yet without the pressure constantly found in many subcultures. With a boiling dance-floor, the party went on through the night, and thanks to the very flirting, smiling and electrifying crowd, there was sweat on the walls

The highlight of the night goes to the pole performances. That brought me some vivid memories from a few parties in Las Vegas, NYC, California and Sao Paulo. It was an amazing experience and discovery; though, at the same time, a sad good bye. But that doesn’t end here! The promoters promise a new club night emerging from the underground again very soon. I’ll keep you guys posted! 

(The images used in this post belong to the “Trough Faggot Party” Website)


The Fratellis – Whistle for the choir 




It was from an unsophisticated thought that I ended up having the adventure of my life, while discovering my new way of traveling, or at least the best way of experiencing Australia.






Camping has never been my thing, probably due to the level of overindulgence in which I was raised. Nonetheless I’ve always had adventure imprinted in my soul. Although I’ve loved road trips since I first started driving, I’ve always been attached to my home comfort. My previous few camping experience can either be described as drunken and forgettable; or sober, painful, and unforgettable. 




After deciding to take some time off work and travel over an extended holiday weekend, my partner and I had the idea of hiring a campervan. Surprisingly or not, that’s a common business down under, as we found several companies which offered the same service. Sold by the website layout, we decided to go with Britz. The vehicle options are endless depending on the number of people you are traveling, desire for luxury, and budget. Whether you plan on hitting sealed roads or the outback, they have the right car for you. 






We decided on the “Elite” Model which accommodates two people, which is fully equipped, and has a toilet with a shower, microwave, air conditioner, cd player. Our kitchen had everything your home kitchen has, at the same time the bed was comfortable enough to make you want to go to sleep. The vehicle had panoramic windows all around, which gave us cinematographic walls, changing according to our location. 




Without having a destination in mind, we hit the road towards the sunset, aiming for the Great Ocean Road. Driving on one of the most beautiful roads in the world, without time or a place to be, was a delightful feeling. Sometimes we were tourists stopping at scenic lookouts, other times we were adventurers who would park the car in the middle of nowhere and hike towards the unknown. We would buy fresh seafood in the small fishing villages, and keep it in our refrigerator until we would accidentally find the perfect place to stop, and cook our meal at the flawless spot. Unintentionally, we found the perfect spot to sleep every night, always away from the city lights. As a result of that, we were blissed out with the incidental lighting every sunset and sunrise. 






After driving through the entire great ocean road; after seeing the massive waves hitting the shore. After spotting koalas, kangaroos, emus, cows, precious birds, and sometimes a few human beings, we decided to drive inland heading up to the Grampians National Park.  Two days of hiking in the cleanest air, under the tropical rain in the rainforest, we decided to go back to the coast and interact with others like us.






As we got close to Apollo Bay, our car suddenly broke down, leaving us along a road without mobile coverage. After panicking and running in circles for a while, we  were rescued by two danish surfers, and with the help of some amazingly well intentioned locals, we got in touch with the road assistance. For a minute we thought our adventure was over, however Britz sent us a tow truck which drove us to a motel in Geelong. The next morning we woke up ready to ride the train back home when the company tells us we have another vehicle on its way and we’ll have an extra day to compensate for what we’ve lost. Following the script of ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, the Queen of the Desert‘, we were back on our Great Ocean Road. 




As we were close to Torquay, we decided to go check out the Rip Curl Surf Championship, the aussie edition of the WCT, which took place in Bells Beach. After surfing half a day at one of the best breaks we’ve surfed, we were ready to settle for the night. At the last moment, we had a couple of good friends joining us. After looking for a good place to spend the night, we ended up on top of a coal mine just off the Great Ocean Road. It was beautiful, mind-blowing and surreal when the sun went down and the absolutely full moon rose. We fell asleep as the night fell, waking up early in the morning on the next day for one of the best surf sessions ever. We surfed at the same spot some local surfers had recommended. It’s called 13th beach, located about 20 minutes east of Torquay. As the morning goes by, as the swell increases, we notice photographers and videographers coming to that remote beach. Soon enough we started seeing some surfers flying over those waves, they were some of the best surfers in the world, like Dane Reynolds, riding and sharing the same waves with us. 






At the end of that memorable day we came home, wishing we could have stayed on the road for a bit longer. The campervan experience was not only approved, but strongly recommended to the ones that like an adventure but can’t let go of cleanliness and some level of comfort. For now we can only look at the pictures and happily remember the extraordinary experience, while planning our next adventure: New Zealand, on the road.



make you clap to this

March 16, 2008

Check out Justice‘s new video-clip: D.V.N.O. 


After the incredible production of D.A.N.C.E. the french duo, from the record label Ed Banger, scores again with this simple, vintage and powerful video. Produced by Because. Directed by Machine Molle, So Me, and Yorgo Tloupas; with post-production by Machine Molle.  

Los hermanos – Garota de Ipanema  


After exporting bossa-nova, samba, soccer, caipirinha, beauty, and carnaval, Brazil sets a new trend that quickly spread around the world. I’m talking about the classic everyday rubbery flip-flops, found in an infinite variety of colours and styles. 




The comfortable, stylish, and practical sandals, which often seem to have impossible pronunciation by foreign speakers, have a very interesting story. The original design was inspired by the japanese flip-flop sandals “Zori” , created in the sixties using rubber,  which increased its durability, comfort, while decreased the price. In 1970, the brazilian comedian Chico Anysio, was starred in a publicity campaign, nicknaming Havaianas as “The Genuine ones”, while distinguishing them from the cheap imitations produced after the sandals. 




For three decades the flip-flops were only produced in two colours: black, and faded blue; both having the white colour on top. Back then you could purchase them at any supermarket for a couple bucks. They were a classic “must have” item  for everyone in the middle and lower classes. I remember we would reverse its soles, so It would look all black, or blue, as a tentative of turning it into a distinct product. Looking to prevail over a crisis caused by its sales and profit decline; in 1994, the company launches a single colour sandal: Havaianas Top. Using a good marketing campaign, the company successfully reaches the upper classes. Two years later, a new campaign rejuvenates the brand, while rates havaianas as an elegant and unique product.  




At this point the sandals have reached a massive part of the brazilian market; however, the big event that puts the company’s name out there, was the french edition of the world cup, in 1998. In consequence of that, global top celebrities started being photographed wearing the product in their daily lives, as well runway fashion shows and catalogues. These days havaianas are exported to the most remote places in the world. It’s on everyone’s minds and feet. The sandals are commonly found in everyone’s wardrobe, independently of nationality, social class, or style. Havaianas is a good example of an ordinary product hyped into a must have fashion icon, having the same value around the globe. The pictures used for this post were taken on the streets of Melbourne, on a hot saturday afternoon.