This page is dedicated to my admiration to all forms of expression and interventions on our environment, transforming our landscapes into art spaces; having a reflective effect in our societies. It’s unfortunate that only a small portion of our citizens are interested in arts. Despite the fact some people have that interest, only a few spend their time visiting art galleries, theatres and museums. 

Our streets are a common place amongst urban dwellers, regardless of class, race, sex, opinions and beliefs. Therefore they are the ideal place to express yourself, interact, see and be seen. Art is part of our lives surrounding us all the time, whether we see it or not. I believe in street performers, I give credit to installations, I support interventions. I have faith in the ones who have something to say and shout it out loud. I believe in the power of communication, and the effective use of it in order to transform our societies into a more friendly, respectful and tolerant environment.
The new short film by Blu: an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche)






One Response to “street scene”

  1. MLM said

    A sign of a great city . . .

    I wonder what Dallas will have . . . .

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