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December 4, 2008


little joy by autumn de wilde, extracted from band's myspace page

little joy by autumn de wilde, extracted from band's myspace page

Little joy – Brand new start 

It’s been long since I last posted here. I’m sorry for disappearing, but the changes in my life in the last few months have made me hide inside my own skin. For a long time I haven’t felt like talking, haven’t felt like letting the world know what is going on with me.

I’m living in a new city, a place where I don’t and never will fit in. I have a new job, which I am no longer happy with. I have met some people, but very few have had the appeal for a possible friendship. This is the first time in 8 years that I am living away from the ocean, which appears to be irreplaceable. I feel that part of me has died and I just can’t move on. I see myself in my dreams, I imagine the near future and I work hard so the time goes by quickly. I know better days will come, and that hope and an also irreplaceable love gets me out of bed every morning.

After several attempts to get back to my blog, I got home after a typical average day at work to find a message from a loved one from LA sitting on my instant messenger. It was telling me about nothing less than the band of the year. The band which brought me joy and made me stop all my projects to announce them to the world. I’m talking about “Little Joy”, formed by The Strokes’ brazilian drummer Fabrizio Moretti, Los Hermanos’ brazilian singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante, and the american musician Binki Shapiro. The trio has just released its self-titled debut album, which for me was just like love at first sight.  The album brings all the romance from Los Hermanos and the swing from The Strokes, translating into high quality indie rock with a good taste of the new bossa nova.  The project is named after Echo Park’s dive bar “Little Joy”, located on West Sunset Boulevard; place where I have spent several nights of my life.

During my last trip to Brazil two years ago, I found Los Hermanos’ latest album “4”. I brought it back to North America and played it to as many people as I could, and I’ve always wished they had at least one song written in english; so my friends could feel what I feel when I listen to their music. Los Hermanos has always been one of my favorite brazilian bands, it is something that makes me proud of being Brazilian. Now, three weeks before I head back to the tropical country, I bring with me a fresh pearl from North America made by brazilians for the world. If you haven’t bought their album yet, you are missing out. Buy it and spread the word!

As for now I guess I am going to take advantage of the season and make this a brand new start…

Little Joy’s Myspace

source: cibele bossi, echo park – los angeles.


Los hermanos – Garota de Ipanema  


After exporting bossa-nova, samba, soccer, caipirinha, beauty, and carnaval, Brazil sets a new trend that quickly spread around the world. I’m talking about the classic everyday rubbery flip-flops, found in an infinite variety of colours and styles. 




The comfortable, stylish, and practical sandals, which often seem to have impossible pronunciation by foreign speakers, have a very interesting story. The original design was inspired by the japanese flip-flop sandals “Zori” , created in the sixties using rubber,  which increased its durability, comfort, while decreased the price. In 1970, the brazilian comedian Chico Anysio, was starred in a publicity campaign, nicknaming Havaianas as “The Genuine ones”, while distinguishing them from the cheap imitations produced after the sandals. 




For three decades the flip-flops were only produced in two colours: black, and faded blue; both having the white colour on top. Back then you could purchase them at any supermarket for a couple bucks. They were a classic “must have” item  for everyone in the middle and lower classes. I remember we would reverse its soles, so It would look all black, or blue, as a tentative of turning it into a distinct product. Looking to prevail over a crisis caused by its sales and profit decline; in 1994, the company launches a single colour sandal: Havaianas Top. Using a good marketing campaign, the company successfully reaches the upper classes. Two years later, a new campaign rejuvenates the brand, while rates havaianas as an elegant and unique product.  




At this point the sandals have reached a massive part of the brazilian market; however, the big event that puts the company’s name out there, was the french edition of the world cup, in 1998. In consequence of that, global top celebrities started being photographed wearing the product in their daily lives, as well runway fashion shows and catalogues. These days havaianas are exported to the most remote places in the world. It’s on everyone’s minds and feet. The sandals are commonly found in everyone’s wardrobe, independently of nationality, social class, or style. Havaianas is a good example of an ordinary product hyped into a must have fashion icon, having the same value around the globe. The pictures used for this post were taken on the streets of Melbourne, on a hot saturday afternoon.