Check out the first short film produced my talented friend Dan Liffick, from California. Dan and I were colleagues at the Interactive Media Program at San Diego City College. I have always known that he would find on film production his passion, and believe more than ever he will do very well in his career. The film stars gifted actor Rich Carrillo playing the main role, Australian fashion designer Anthea Rodgers, striking as the news’ anchor; and outstanding Dynamite Walls’ musician, Allan Bates. In addition to that, Duane Gardella played the dream killer; Sven Salumma as Philip White, and Eddie Parker was the news worker. A few other friends were also involved in the production, such as Raygun Fernandez, Jerry Figeroua, Paul Kimmel and Melody Ward. Well done guys! I look forward to seeing your next productions and wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

“Golden Hill is my first serious attempt at filmmaking. I shot the entire short at San Diego City College with a CanonXl1s. A special thank you to Duane Gardella who gave wonderful guidance and for presenting me an opportunity to create a film. Thanks,Dan.” (Dan Liffick)

You may contact Dan on myspace by clicking here

Confira o primeiro curta-metragem produzido pelo meu talentoso amigo Dan Liffick, da Califórnia. O Dan e eu cursamos o programa de mídia interativa na Faculdade da Cidade de San Diego. Eu sempre soube que ele encontraria seu talento na produção de cinema, e agora acredito mais do que nunca que ele vai ser muito bem sucedido em sua carreira. O curta traz o talentoso ator Rich Carrillo como protagonista, a estilista australiana Anthea Rogdgers no papel da apresentadora de TV; e o músico extraordinário da banda Dynamite Walls, Allan Bates. Adicionalmente, Duane Gardella fez o papel do matador, Sven Sallumma atuou como Philip White, e Eddie Parker era o produtor do jornal.  Alguns outros amigos também fizeram parte da produção do filme, bem como Raygun Fernandez, Jerry Figeroua, Paul Kimmel e Melody Ward. Mandaram bem pessoal! Eu fico no aguardo da sua próxima produção e desejo o melhor nas suas futuras andanças. 
“Golden Hill é a minha primeira tentativa séria com produção de filme. Eu filmei o curta na Faculdade da Cidade de San Diego, utilizando uma CanonXl1s. Um agradecimento especial ao Duane Gardella, o qual me proporcionou incrível direção e me deu a oportunidade de criar o filme. Obrigado, Dan.” (Dan Liffick)
Você pode contatar o Dan no myspace, clicando aqui

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sony tropfest 2008

February 18, 2008



It happened yesterday in Australia, the 16th edition of the Sony Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival. The event was broadcasted live from The Botanic Gardens Trust, in Sydney, transmitted simultaneously to every state capital and eight regional centres, having no cover charge for any of its locations.


The competition had over 600 entries this year, starring independent filmmakers from several countries around the world, such as Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Denmark, Austria, France, Germany, the United States, South Africa, New Zealand, and of course, Australia. 


The event has three main rules: the films cannot exceed seven minutes; the event has to be their premiere screening; and each film must include the Tropfest Signature Item (TSI), confirming that the film was produced exclusively for the festival. The TSI chosen for 2008 was the number ‘8’.


The event has expended its frontiers overseas; having had its second edition in New York City last september, taking place at the Battery Park in downtown. The edition had over 8,000 people attending. Having a successful repercussion, the event will be happening again on October 11, 2008. 


Back to the other side of the world, in parallel with the aussie edition, the organizers have launched the Trop Jr, being the world’s largest short film festival for kids, by kids. The event also happened yesterday, just hours before Sony Tropfest’s regular program.


Needless to say how incredible was having the chance to experience the event, and being one of the 150,000 people that gathered together to watch the 16 finalists. The weather couldn’t be better, with a big, bright, and yellow sun keeping the thermometers over the 30 degrees mark all day. As the sun went down and the presentations came on, my thoughts couldn’t be other: what an amazing and cultural country I’m living in. 


For my filmmaker friends, and for all of those involved in the film industry, I highly recommend working on something outstanding to participate in the next year’s edition. For the sponsors, filmmakers, and each one of those australian citizens; permanent residents; and others not so permanent, that were part of that outrageous event yesterday, I have only one thing to say:



(followed by the endless claps)



for more info visit the official website: