Every toilet is a reflection of its surroundings, it’s part of a place’s aesthetic, it reflects the place’s image and ideals whether it’s intentional or not. Toilets don’t have eyes nor ears but register acts of the daily urban coexistence better than anyone else. They always have a story to tell us. Public toilets can be seen as the blogs of the past. They have always been a place where people could share their thoughts and opinions, anonymously or not, to thousands of other human beings. People use toilets for several different purposes, from biological necessities, to drug consumption, with a lot of interaction in between. People look for dates in toilets, others have dates in toilets, sometimes people are made in the toilet. Some people find in toilets a place to hide, to fear, to let the world know their fears and ideas. For some, toilets are a taboo, a place where no one should care about one’s business, for others they are just part of our world. For me toilets offer a fascinating spectrum of our societies and how these deal and react with reality. For me they are an object of study and appreciation; they are a collection of short-stories which often, have never been told to anyone. Here you will find pictures of toilets I’ve been in around the world; some of them will have a story to tell, others a sentence to reflect, others will just be there, waiting for the next short story to happen.

* Most of the pictures were taken with a mobile phone, or a standard digital camera. This project is more about telling a story instead of focusing in the beauty of the photography.

The Grumpy Baker . Sydney . Australia

Wynn Hotel and Casino . Las Vegas . USA

The Turf Club . San Diego . California

Pokez . San Diego . California

Number 1 on 5th . San Diego . California

MGM Hotel and Casino . Las Vegas . USA

Jolt’n’Joes – San Diego . California

‘May god suck you off’
Some Irish bar on Height Street . San Francisco . California

Good Times . Las Vegas . USA

Citrus Club . San Francisco . California

Chive . San Diego . California

Beauty Bar . Las Vegas . USA

Flicks . San Diego . CA




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